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Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2005
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The editors:
Manfred Kirchgeorg
Werner M. Dornscheidt
Wilhelm Giese
Norbert Stoeck

MBA programme on Conventions and Trade Fair Management

In the frame of this project, three institutions of higher education in Germany, China and Belgium develop and test jointly a new curriculum in the field of conventions and trade fair management for current and future practitioners. It is expected that the developed curriculum will cater for the market needs of high-quality management talents in the field of trade fair.


A new standard work on Trade Show Management

In many countries around the globe, trade shows and exhibitions are among the most important sales and communication tools.

The recently published book “Trade Show Management” provides an in-depth overview on all aspects of this fascinating topic, seen from the angle of researchers, trade show organizers, exhibitors, associations and trade show service providers. The articles in this book focus on the challenging strategic and operational decisions required by trade show management.

Questions relating to the planning, realization and monitoring of trade shows are discussed by expert contributors from a variety of countries, exploring the perspectives of both organizers and exhibitors.

New angles, innovative solutions and recommended courses of action are provided for every key link in the trade show management decision process. How trade show strategies can be implemented successfully is illustrated by numerous real-world examples.

Trade Show Management is an outstanding and singularly practical reference work for all managers in the trade show industry and in related service segments. It also provides a solid foundation for all exhibitors and visitors concerned with trade show participation, as well as for politicians, public officials and associations dealing with the trade show industry. Scientists and students alike will find this a very well researched and highly practical aid.

Kick off Meeting in Shanghai in October 2005



"Trade Show Management offers a comprehensive but, at the same time, detailed insight into the nature of trade show management today.

It is an eminently readable book, a rich source of information and hands-on knowledge that is suitable for experts and 'outsiders' alike"

Prof. Dr. h. c. Roland Berger, Chairman, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

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