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Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2005
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The editors:
Manfred Kirchgeorg
Werner M. Dornscheidt
Wilhelm Giese
Norbert Stoeck


Part I: Origins, history and future challenges of the trade show industry

Chapter 1: History and development of the trade show industry

Volker Rodekamp
On the history of trade fairs in Germany and Europe

Kurt Schoop
History and evolution of trade show models

Chapter 2: Characteristics and types of trade shows and their economic impact

Manfred Kirchgeorg
Characteristics and forms of trade shows

Christian Brühe
Trade shows as a live communication tool

Klaus E. Goehrmann
Trade shows as tools of regional and global marketing in politics

Wolfgang Clement
Fairs as an instrument of economic and foreign policy

Hermann Kresse
The importance of associations and institutions in the trade fair industry

Manfred Busche
Role of state and economy in trade fair activities

Petra Hedorfer and Norbert Tödter
The importance of trade fairs and conferences to the German venue

Uwe Christian Täger and Horst Penzkofer
Production and employment effects of trade fairs and exhibitions

Chapter 3: Locations, infrastructure and facilities of trade show companies

Ulrich Bauer
Functions of trade fair centres – the Stuttgart model

Wilfried E. Moog
Facility management in the trade show industry

Norbert Dahmen and Herbert Vogt
Minimum taxation: a competitive disadvantage for German trade shows?

Chapter 4: Future challenges to the trade show industry

Sepp D. Heckmann
Trade shows in transition

Norbert Stoeck and Kurt Schraudy
From trade show company to integrated communication service provider

Raimund Hosch
Privatising trade fair companies using various business models

Michael von Zitzewitz
Structural adaptation – splitting business functions

Flavio Cattaneo
IPO of a trade fair organiser – case study of Fiera Milano

Part II: Strategic management of trade show companies

Chapter 1: Situation analysis and market research

Alex Ulrich
Strategic market analysis as a trade fair organisation task

Lothar Müller-Hagedorn
Benchmarking in trade fair companies

Hermann Fuchslocher
Analysis of exhibitors – an instrument of fair controlling

Chapter 2: Objectives and strategies of trade show companies

Werner M. Dornscheidt
Corporate principles as a strategic management tool

Manfred Kirchgeorg and Oliver Klante
Strategic trade show marketing

Dietmar Aulich
Quality – an underrated success factor for trade fair companies

Bernd A. Diederichs
Efficiency and cost management for exhibitors, visitors and exhibitions

Ulrich Esser
Trade fair companies' public relations and communication strategies

Hans Werner Reinhard
How trade show companies can manage multipliers

Manfred Kirchgeorg and Oliver Klante
Managing advisory councils for trade show company success

Chapter 3: Product development and marketing strategies

Jochen Witt
The significance of non-space products in the trade fair industry

Urs A. Ingold
Re-launching a trade fair

Marc Sasserath, Christiane Wenhart and Nina Daly
The impact of brand management on trade fairs

Michael Peters and Sabine Scharrer
Product development in the fair and exhibition sector

Chapter 4: Strategic alliances and joint ventures

Gerd Robertz
Coalitions as challenges for strategic trade fair management

Josef Rahmen
Exhibition centres as operators of service networks

Werner M. Dornscheidt
Strategic collaboration with associations

Claus Rättich
Strategic co-operations in cross-selling

Karlheinz Wismer and Clemens Schütte
Representation networks as foreign sales channels

Chapter 5: Strategies for international and global markets

Wilhelm Giese
Global players – strategies for internationalising

Ernst Raue
The exportation of premium trade show brands

Manfred Wutzlhofer
Success factors for internationalising trade fair organisations

Bernd Jablonowski
Russia's trade show industry – central planning and perestroika

Wolfgang Schellkes
Development of the trade fair industry in the Triad

Wolfgang Marzin
Trade fairs in the USA

Joachim Erwin
Messe Düsseldorf as a pioneer in China's growth market

Thomas Khoo
Trade fair trends in Asian countries

Matthias Winter
Special aspects of trade fair management in India

Clemens Schütte
Strategic dialogue – a tool for managing international investments

Part III: Operational management of trade show companies

Chapter 1: Project planning and project implementation

Walter Hufnagel
Efficient project and process management as a success factor

Norbert Stoeck
Acquiring exhibitors – tools of the trade show organiser

Ulrich Kromer von Baerle and Bernhard Müller
Visitor acquisition instruments

Ernst Kick
Focus on the fair visitor

Anna Holzner
Pricing of trade fair services

Ulrich Kromer von Baerle
The Internet as a trade fair sales and communication tool

Bernhard Wagner
What makes trade show portals unique?

Claus Bühnert
Value-added for trade fairs and exhibitions through event combinations

Norbert Stoeck and Dirk Weiss
CRM — managing post-trade show relationships

Chapter 2: Project Controlling and Quality Management

Gerhard Gerritzen and Markus Marschalek
General data on project management and controlling corporations

Manfred Bruhn and Karsten Hadwich
Managing the service quality of trade fairs

Chapter 3: Organisational aspects and human resource management

Michael Degen
Organisation of trade fair companies

Peter Neven
Training/further training for the trade fair and congress industry

Rolf Weber
Personnel development in the trade show industry

Günther Heger
Exhibition booth personnel as the key to successful trade fairs

Part IV: Managing special trade show events and service providers

Ralf G. Kleinhenz and Wolfram D. Svoboda
Characteristics of congress centre management

André Kaldenhoff and Klaus Beckmann
Management of experience-oriented conventions, conferences and seminars

Werner M. Dornscheidt, Claus Groth and Hans Werner Reinhard

Norbert Stoeck
Successfully bidding for and staging mega-events

Cornelia Zanger
Evaluating the success of trade fair events

Johannes Milla
Designing trade fair stands: Thoughts in three and four dimensions

Klaus-Peter Suhling
Trade fair catering

Jörg Meurer and Bülent Ayar
Live Com agencies and service providers

Part V: How exhibitors and visitors manage their trade show activities

Heribert Meffert
Objectives and benefits of trade fair participation for firms and visitors

Axel W. Zundler and Marco Tesche
Efficiently preparing and post-processing trade fair appearances

Sven Prüser
Trade shows as networking platforms

Rüdiger Kreienkamp-Rabe
Trade fairs abroad – bringing success to German firms

Rainer Landwehr and Martin Koers
Show and exhibition management - staging the Ford car brand

Michael Bock
Motor shows as an integrated communications tool

Stefanie Jensen and Adriana Nuneva
Trade shows as an brand management instrument in the B2B sector

Hermann Fuchslocher
Outfit fairs – new millennium impact

Charles Chow Hoi Hee
Security in Trade Fairs

General References in Trade Show Management

Subject Index


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